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No.1 Stator Winding Equipment Manufacturer in Taiwan

GMW is a motor winding machine manufacturer, who committed to providing high-standard stator automatic production and coil winding equipment, for customers to produce high-efficiency and quality motors.

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Enabling Precision and Consistency in Motor Stator Production

GMW has cooperated with numbers of worldwide well-known motor manufacturers and suppliers to establish the motor production lines, which successfully raises the productivity and yield rate to the mass production level. The application field of customers' motors includes electric vehicles, water pumps, industrial fans, home appliance compressors...etc. With GMW's motor winding machine and motor winding equipment, you can achieve optimized performance and value of your motor products.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is fully committed to integrating high-efficiency motor automation production technology to do our part to slow down global warming.

To achieve our vision, our mission is devoted to become the No.1 manufacturer of high-efficiency motor automation production solutions in Asia.

Core Value


Be honest, abide by organizational rules and social norms, keep promises and keep your words and deeds consistent


Able to take the initiative to assume their job responsibilities and take the results for their actions or decision-making results


Able to set challenging goals for themselves and go all way out, and constantly seek breakthroughs.


Respect different opinions, support team decisions, fulfill personal responsibilities, encourage team members, and work together to achieve team goals


Company History

Found by Harris Liao as a specialized/customized equipment provider.

Focuse on designing and producing electrical automatic machines for motor manufacturing.
Ceiling fan production equipment.

Export the high quality and efficient machines to Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, HK and to North/South America.

AC Induction Cage Motor Production Equipment.
Increase the capital by 2 million US dollars expanding our business to manufacture stator coil and wedge inserting machines.


Increase the capital individually by 2 million US dollars to purchase nearby factories for the expansion.
Now (2023): the plant size is about 45,500 square feet.

Refrigerator Compressor Motor Production Equipment.

Air Conditioner Motor Production Equipment.

Pump Motor Production Euipment.

Three Phase Industrial Motor Automatic Production Equipment.

BLDC Motor CNC Needle Winding Machine.

Low Speed EV Motor Production Line.

IE3 Deep Well Pump Motor Production Line.

High Speed EV Motor Production Line.

Surface Pump Motor Automatic Production Line.