Higher Motor Efficiency, Greener the Earth


Protect the Green Earth Based on our Technology

GMW's automatic stator winding machine and automatic electric motor winding machine are just two examples of the high performance equipment we offer to help our customers produce high efficiency motors. Our focus on solid technology ensures that we provide the best possible equipment to our customers, allowing them to make a positive impact on the environment while also maximizing productivity and efficiency.
  • EV Traction Motor Application

    EV Traction Motor

    Application: Public/Industrial use electric vehicles, such as: Low-speed electric vehicles, High-speed electric vehicles, Snow electric vehicles, Electric scooters, Electric bicycles, Electric trucks, and Military electric trucks.

  • Water Pump Motor Application

    Water Pump Motor

    Application: Water pump, Downstream pressure pump, Electronic voltage stabilized pressure pump, Computer frequency conversion constant pressure pump, Special pressure pump for hot water, Booster pump, Sprayer, Submersible pump for fish ponds.

  • Fan Motor Applicaiton

    Fan Motor

    Application: Circulating fans, Standing fans, Ceiling fans, CPU cooling fans, Notebook cooling fans, Blowers.

  • Compressor Motor Application

    Compressor Motor

    Application: Heating /Cooling air conditioners, Air purifiers, Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, Freezers.

  • Industrial Motor

    Industrial Motor

    Application: Robotic arms, CNC processing machines, Electric manual tools, Blowers, Large exhaust fans.