GMW C-3C Winding Machine

  • Wire Size Range (mm): Ø0.5 ~ 1.6
  • Stator ID Range (mm): IDØ50~300
  • Stator Core Length Range (mm): 80-260mm
  • Winding Speed (without loading) (rpm): 250 (Max.)
  • Winding Machine GMW C-3C
  • Winding Machine GMW C-3C
  • Winding Machine GMW C-3C
  • Winding Machine GMW C-3C
  • Winding Machine GMW C-3C
  • Winding Machine GMW C-3C


Introducing the high-performance Middle Size Horizontal Winding Machine, equipped with advanced features for precise and efficient winding. With Precise Servo Control, the machine offers exceptional accuracy and control. The Auto Adjustable Winding Mold ensures compatibility with a wide range of products. An Auto Leadwire Clamping & Cutting System saves time and effort. Our Digitalized Wire Tension Control ensures uniform tension throughout the winding process, ensuring a high-quality finished product. Our Winding Machine is a reliable and effective solution for various winding applications, making it a must-have for any coil winding operation.

  • 01

    Precise Servo Control

  • 02

    Auto Adjustable Winding Mold

  • 03

    Auto Leadwire Clamping & Cutting System

  • 04

    Digitalized Wire Tension Control


Wire Size Limit (mm) Ø0.5 ~ 1.6
Stator OD/ID Limit (mm) ID Ø50~300
(Vary per Stator Core Length)
Stator Core Length Limit (mm) 80-260mm
(Vary per Stator ID)
Winding Flyer Speed (without loading) (rpm) 250 (Max.)
Cycle Time (sec) Vary per Winding Turns
Floor Area (W*L*H) (cm) 210*220*150
Machine Weight (Kg) 1,350
Main Operation Power Source (KW) 3
Max. Power Consumption (KW) 7
Pneumatic Source (Kg/cm²) 4~7
Use voltage Can be customized according to the voltage used in each country
Warranty One year (Optional contract- extended warranty or regular maintenance)

All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.