Business Goal and Outlook

  • To achieve the customer high satisfaction and high machine quality, build a long term relationship with customers, and resolve the customer manufacturing technique problems.
  • To research and develop high efficient (green) motor technique for less global warming effect.
  • To provide a customized automatic production line to reduce human operation error and improve production quality and consistency. This fits high end motor production such as compressors.
  • To develop a production and quality management system for real time feedback and control.
  • To build a remote diagnosis system for better technical support.
  • To search future motor design trend such as hybrid car motor and develop special motor manufacturing equipments.
Company Philosophy

1975 Found by Harris Liao as a specialized/customized equipment provider.
1980 Focused on designing and producing electrical automatic machines for motor manufacturing.
1982 Exported the high quality and efficient machines to Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, China, HK and to North/South Americans.
1985 Increased the capital by 2 million US dollars and expanded our business to manufacture stator coil and wedge inserting machines.
1992-2006 Increased the capital individually by 2 million US dollars to purchase nearby factories for the expand.Now: the plant size is about 37,000 square feet
Product Development Milestone

1980 Ceiling Fan Production Equipments.
1985 AC Induction Cage Motor Production Equipments.
1990 DC Brushless Motor Production Equipments.
1995 Refrigerator Compressor Motor Production Equipments.
1998 Air Conditioner Motor Production Equipments.
2002 Refrigerator Compressor Motor Automatic Production Line.
2005 Three Phase Industrial Motor Automatic Production Line.
2008 Servo Motor Production Equipment.
2015 Electric Vehicle Motor Production Line.
2017 High Speed Compressor Motor Production Line.